Ujet corporate sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

Making Life in Cities Better

We want modern cities to be places for opportunity and freedom. Through our mobility solutions, we enable people to move freely, and safely, while lowering the CO2 footprint, air pollution, and noise levels in our cities.

Our electric scooter, the first product we are launching, has no tailpipe emissions and contributes to reducing congestion levels in urban areas.


Revolutionising technology for better urban mobility

Our technology is opening new horizons of resource efficiency and performance to achieve more mobility, safety and circularity with fewer resources and emissions.

We use advanced technology and materials science, including nanotechnology, and deploy connected, digital, and circular solutions.

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Creating value for people and planet

Ujet’s business is creating value and maximizing positive impacts on employees, suppliers, communities and the environment.

We are committed to transparency and accountability around our economic, social and environmental impacts, and we invest to maximize our positive contributions to people and planet.

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Sustainability Infographic

To get the snapshot of our corporate sustainability policy, download our infographic below.

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Ujet sustainability study

How can electric scooters benefit our cities? To find out, contact us and get unique access to the Ujet sustainability study.

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