Ujet Team

Scientists, engineers, creatives and innovators, we are a team of individuals driven by personal passion and collective intent.

Today, we have over 70 professionals across our design center in Germany, headquarters and state of the art assembly plant in Luxembourg.

Our company is thriving by cross-industry innovation, leveraging on a broad scope of talents and diverse experiences. We employ highly skilled and passionate professionals coming from various industries, including leading car manufacturers (Tesla, Jaguar, Ford Motor Company, KIA), FMCG brands (Danone, Nestle), electronics (Samsung, Sony), consulting (EY, PwC) and digital services (Havas Media, Nival, William Hill, Rambler).

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Kirill Nifontov

Kirill is the CEO of the Ujet Group. Kirill is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Expobank CZ a.s., Expobank JSC Belgrade, Expobank LLC, ExpoCapital, Expobank AS and D2 Insurance.

Kirill joined Ujet with the goal of scaling up the business and developing strategic directions for the group.

Kirill is an experienced CEO and executive with 19 years of experience in the financial sector covering Group Business Strategy, M&A and Corporate Finance, Investment and Key Client Relationships.

According to The Banker's annual rating, in 2014 Expobank, while headed by Kirill Nifontov, was the best in return on equity amongst the top 100 Russian banks and ranked second amongst the top 10 banks in return on assets as of 2014 year end.

He is graduated from the Ural State University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. He holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Economics.

Konstantin Notman

Konstantin is the Chief Innovation Officer and Board Member of Ujet Group and CEO of OCSiAl Europe - Senior VP of OCSiAl Group, the world leader in production of graphene nanotubes. As a head of innovation, his role is to lead development and launch of new products, accessories and services for Ujet.

Ujet was founded as a spinoff of OCSiAl with the goal to demonstrate how high-performance materials can be transformed into exciting, sustainable and functional products for our everyday lives.

Konstantin is a seasoned CEO, COO and entrepreneur with 19 years of experience in launching new products and managing large, fast growth industrial enterprises. He joined Ujet since its creation in 2015 with the mission to develop pioneering urban mobility solutions.

He is a graduate of the Ural State University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. His education has largely focused on the fields of philosophy, formal and mathematical logic.

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Daniel Korkhov

Daniel is a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Ujet International.

Daniel joined Ujet with the intent to further accelerate the deployment of its innovative electric scooter across global markets. His ambition is to establish the Ujet e-scooter as the premium two wheeler in the mobility sector, and expand its sales worldwide. Additionally, he is spearheading all our outbound communication to help share the Ujet story and merge the lines between mobility and lifestyle for the new era of urban life.

Daniel has successfully established two creative service agencies in New York, focusing on communication and sales strategies in the luxury sector for world celebrated brands ranging from Fashion, Jewelry and Hospitality to name a few.

Dmitry Malov

Dmitry Malov is a Head of E-Commerce, Logistics & After Sales.

Dmitry has 20 years of successful work experience as an executive/manager in Internet business, retail, and e-commerce. All his career is built upon delivering operational excellence, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Before Ujet, he was COO of Svyaznoy and COO of Rambler&Co group. Svyaznoy, one of the TOP-10 Russian largest retailers with almost 4000 stores and a huge e-commerce footprint, is focusing on smartphone and gadget sales. Rambler is a major Russian Internet media publisher and e-commerce company.

Dmitry Malov
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Patrick David

Patrick is the CEO of Ujet Engineering, the branch that leads all Ujet R&D operations from its head office in Germany (Ulm). Patrick is also CTO and VP at Ujet Group.

Patrick is one of the fathers of Ujet first product, the Ujet electric scooter. He is responsible for its design and engineering from day one. Patrick has 25 years in Automotive with a vast range of experience as senior Engineer, Innovations Director, Plant manager, CTO and CEO. He previously worked at Daimler Benz, Takata, TRW, Handtmann, EBM-Papst, Busse Design, etc.

He has an engineering degree and holds a MBA.

Ashot Ter Avanesian

Ashot is the Chief Financial Officer of Ujet Group.

Ashot has over 24 years of top tier international experience in Finance (Lyon, London, Luxembourg) with corporates, funds and major banks such as Barclays and the EBRD. Venture investments in industrial SMEs, executive management in European start-ups, finance facilities in automotive sectors for Daimler, Caterpillar, Claas, Wirtgen, bilateral and syndicated loans, Debt Capital Markets financing, etc.

He graduated from London Business School MBA.

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Marius Ferent

Marius Ferent is the Chief Operations Officer at Ujet Manufacturing that leads Ujet purchasing, production and logistics. He is also VP Operations of the Ujet Group.

Marius is a passionate, lean manufacturing practitioner and believes that a relentless focus on new learning, continuous improvement and disciplined execution are the key operational drivers to bring Ujet high technology products to the market. He has extensive experience in the automotive industry and over the last decade has managed multiple high scale programs with market leading OEMs.

Marius is a Chartered Manager of the London Chartered Management Institute and an MBA graduate of The Open University UK. He also has an automotive engineering degree from the Military Technical Academy, Bucharest, Romania.

Maxim Predtechenskiy

Maxim is the Head of Ujet Digital, a department in charge of developing in-house Ujet connectivity assets (software and hardware, frontend, backend, cloud, websites, mobile applications etc.).

Maxim has over ten years of experience in digital industry. Worked for the market leaders in digital entertainment (e.g. Mail.Ru, Nival Group), being responsible for multiple award-winning products. Raising from Market Research Manager to Chief Strategy Officer he boasts a solid expertise in business strategy and creation of innovative products.

He has an educational background in mathematics and economics.

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Albane Siramy

Albane is Global Director Corporate Affairs & Sustainability at Ujet International that leads Ujet Marketing and Sales strategy and operations.

Albane joined Ujet in 2016 with the mission to build a strong reputation for the company as new mobility player. She is leading Ujet’s activation in the field of corporate communication, public affairs and sustainability.

Albane has a strong background in European Public Affairs and in Sustainability that she gained over more than 10 years in Brussels.

She has a degree in European Studies from Sciences-po Paris and in Sustainable Business from Cambridge University.

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